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How to Create, Change and Remove a PIN in Windows 8?

Windows 8 has great new features and improvements compared with Windows 7. You can sign in it with a Microsoft account in addition to the local user account. What’s more, you can add picture password and PIN to Windows 8 user besides the traditional password. Here you’ll find out how to create a PIN in Windows 8, as well as how to change and remove it.

How to create PIN in Windows 8?

Step 1: Go to PC settings by pressing Windows +C, and then selecting Settings -> Change PC settings.

Step 2: Select Users on the left pane and then click Create a PIN option in the right pane.
create a pin

Step 3: Type of the password of the user account you are currently using.
enter current user password

Step 4: Enter the PIN you want to use, then enter it again to confirm it, and then click Finish button. That’s all! It’s very easy.
pin created

How to change and remove a PIN in Windows 8?

Once the PIN is created, you can easily change or remove as you like. Whether you need to change or remove the PIN, you can get these jobs done on the PC settings screen. After you set up a PIN, you’ll find Change PIN option and the Remove option next to it under Sign-in Options (see below screenshot).
change pin

To set up a new PIN, just click the "Change PIN" option. And to remove your PIN, just click the "Remove" button next to Change PIN option. Password of the current user account will be required before changing or removing the PIN.

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