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What to Do if You Forgot Windows XP Password?

Recently many people claimed that computer users should drop down Windows XP and update to Windows 7 system. Even though Windows 7 has dominated US OS market, I cannot agree with it as a Windows XP user. But here I don't intend to discuss this, I just express my opinion. Actually, here I'll discuss all the effective solutions you can use when you forgot Windows XP password.

Solution 1: Ctrl+Alt+Del

It's well known the built-in administrator account in Windows XP is not password protected. And that's why a Windows user can easily regain access to his locked PC. Of course, the presupposition is that the user never adds a password to this administrator account.

1. Start or restart your PC and enter the Windows XP logon screen.

2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del twice to pop up the classic logon dialog box.

3. Type "Administrator" in the User name box and then click OK to log on your Windows XP machine.

4. Go to Control Panel to change or remove your password.

Solution 2: Password reset disk

Few users notice that they are able to create a password reset disk to in case of a forgotten or lost login password in Windows XP. But once they had created one in advance, recovering Win XP password can be easily finished in a one minute when they forgot Windows XP password.

1. Insert the password reset disk into your computer.

2. Type a wrong password when you enter Windows logon screen.

3. Click OK when screen displays a message that the password is incorrect. "Reset password" link will appear.

4. Click "Reset password" to Password Reset Wizard screen, and then click next.

5. Follow the steps in the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.

Solution 3: Windows password recovery software

Windows password recovery software is supposed to be the best and efficient way to get back in computer if one forgot Windows XP password. In reality, most users resort to Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery to unlock the password.

1. Download and install Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery.

2. Create a password reset disk with CD/DVD or USB flash drive.

3. Reset Windows password with the password reset disk.

Apart from the 3 methods listed above, Windows XP installation disc also proves a good help when you forgot Windows XP password. You can either use its repair function to change the forgotten password to a new one or reinstall Windows XP if there is nothing important information on your computer.

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