How to unlock my Windows XP administrator password?

Whenever you forgot Windows XP password, it is often advised to bypass the lost Windows XP by taking advantage of its built-in administrator account as this account is enabled and not password-protected by default. But what if you add a password to this administrator account and now forgot the administrator password, what should you do then?

In a matter of fact, Microsoft fully considers the situation that Windows users may forget the password to the user accounts in Windows by adding built-in tools in Windows XP that enable users to create a password reset disk to in case that they forget the password. Unfortunately, only a few PC users remember to create such a helpful password reset disk after adding a computer login password, while most users never use this feature because some users never learn this function and some users are confident in their memory.

If you never create a password reset disk for the administrator account after password protecting it, third-party Windows Password Recovery tool will be your best choice rather than Windows installation when you are annoyed by how to unlock Windows XP administrator password. Reinstalling Windows means you have to format hard disks and lose some your important data, whereas Windows password recovery enables you to easily and safely reset Windows XP administrator password, without any damage or loss to your computer data and settings. Moreover, it will only cost you a few minutes to regain access to your locked Windows XP administrator account.

To reset Windows XP administrator password, please follow the simple steps listed below:

1. Download and install Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery Professional in any PC that you can log in as administrator, then launch it.

2. Insert a blank CD/DVD or USB flash drive in computer, and burn a bootable password reset disk with the device.

3. Once the bootable password reset disk is created, boot your locked Windows XP PC from it for Windows XP administrator password recovery.

4. Log on to the administrator account without password after password reset.

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