How to reset Windows password with Ophcrack?

Unlike Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery and other similar Windows password recovery applications, Ophcrack is a free Windows password recovery tool or cracker to some extent. Instead of resetting the lost Widows password to blank, Ophcrack enables you to recover the original forgotten Windows password.

What’s Ophcrack?

As described on its official website, Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.


1. Free Windows password recovery software.
2. Works for Windows 7/Vista/XP.
3. No software installation is necessary to recover passwords.
4. No knowledge of any existing passwords is necessary.
5. Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.


1. Some antivirus programs mistakenly identify Ophcrack as a Trojan.
2. The large ISO image will take you much time to download.
3. Passwords greater than 14 characters cannot be cracked.
4. Do not work for Windows server 2008(R2)/2003(R2)/2000.

How to Reset Windows Password:

Step 1. Load the Ophcrack CD to the computer, install and run it.

Step 2. Click on Load and select the appropriate password LM (LAN Manager) hash to use or choose PWDUMP File if the hash was dumped and saved using pwdump2.

Step 3. Otherwise choose encrypted SAM to allow Ophcrack to dump the hashes from the SAM and SYSTEM files retrieved from a Windows machine while booting on another disk.

Step 4. Click Tables, and select the location or folder to store the rainbow hash tables downloaded or installed by the installer.

Step 5. Select the type of tables you wish to use.

Step 6. Click Launch to start the cracking process.

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