How to reset lost Windows password with Kon-Boot?

Apart from Ophcrack, Offline Password & Registry Editor, there are many other free Windows password recovery tools available for Windows password recovery. Here will introduce you one — Kon-Boot. It will discuss the pros and cons of this free utility, as well as how to reset lost Windows password with Kon-Boot.

What’s Kon-Boot?

Kon-Boot is another free password recovery tool. For Windows, it enables you to log in to any password protected machine profile without without any knowledge of the password. It’s actually a password reset tool as many of these programs, like ONTP&RE and PC Login Now, are. Just burn the program to a disc, boot to it, and you’re off. However, Kon-boot works in an entirely different way than those other Windows password reset tools


1. Free and Easy password reset tool available.

2. Smaller ISO image than that of any free password recovery tool.

3. No knowledge of old password is required.

4. Work with Windows 7/Vista/XP and Windows Server 2008/2003.

5. Support USB flash drive, floppy disk and CD.


Not support 64-bit Windows operating systems


1. Download Kon-Boot from its official website, and then extract the downloaded files.

2. Burn its ISO file to a disc – a CD is.

3. After creating the disc, boot from the disc by rebooting your PC with the disc still in the drive. Kon-Boot will start automatically. When you see the Kryptos Logic logo, hit any key. The rest of the process is automatic.

4. Once Windows starts, just log in to your account with a blank password.


If you fail to reset lost Windows password with this free tool, it’s highly suggested to try Rekeysoft Windows Password Recovery, which allows you reset lost Windows password in 3 simple steps.

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